The wheel of emotions 

A tool to help you become aware of what you feel, to find words that correspond with emotions and above all to express your need or needs... 

Tools exist to help verbalize emotions but few touch upon the question of underlying needs.

Carl Rogers, Non Violent Communication (NVC) highlighted that all emotion corresponds to one or more unsatisfied needs. Becoming aware of these needs allow a calming of the emotions.Use the following metaphor : When the fuel gauge lights up on your dashbord, you know that you need to find a fuel simply name an emotion would be like saying : "Oh, the fuel gauge on my tank is lit up" and continue on my way !

In Other Words, we work as much with parents, as we do with the children or adolescents and also with educational professional.

We had the idea to create a tool to help young people and adults become more aware of their emotions, and more importantly, to go further : in identifying needs expressed through emotions.

In our research, we based our work on the NVC, of Plutchik, but also on the approach of Positive Psychology and Mindfullness.

It had been show that the easier it is for us to identify our emotions and our needs, the better off we are in handling our stress, and the more easily we access positive emotions.

Neuroscience and the advanced techniques of brain-imaging have proven that for children and adolescents, this ability fosters learning. Thus, in naming their emotions and their needs, they can deal with them, put them at a safe distance, rendering themselves more disposed to learning, as well as cognitive and intellectual activities.

Emotional competence allows us to achieve higher self-confidence and to reduce stress, emotions are no longer seen as invasive and incomfortable.

  • I purchased the wheel for my little boy, I took it to school, where it worked miracles... No doubt, my colleagues will be sending you their order in the coming days...

     A teacher  

How do I use it ?  

A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story.
Everything you consider writing can be told as a story.

Great stories have personality. Consider telling a great story that provides personality. Writing a story with personality for potential clients will assists with making a relationship connection. This shows up in small quirks like word choices or phrases. Write from your point of view, not from someone else's experience.

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How do I use ?
 Vidéo (1/3)

Découvrez comment manipuler la Roue des Emotions pour découvrir vos émotions et votre besoin.


How do I use ?
Vidéo (2/3)

Découvrez comment manipuler la Roue des Emotions pour découvrir vos émotions et votre besoin.


How do I use ?
Vidéo (3/3)

Découvrez comment manipuler la Roue des Emotions pour découvrir vos émotions et votre besoin.

  • The 3 disks move independently, and there i no "right answer", this means all combinaisons are possible.

    Hold the arm of the first disk, while looking for the emotion, then the need. As a result, you have your "combination" (sensation-emotion-need) of the moment. The Wheel is not predictive, it does not predict the need.

  • The Wheel of Emotions is a tool which takes us first to sensations (it's the circle in the middle, the starting point), inviting the user to feel the hints given by their body (« I fell tense, I'm fed up, etc. » for the adult version. Whereas the children's version, is symbolized by the use of weather). It is a invitation to listen and feel the messages given by your body.

  • Next, the second wheel draws attention to the emotion which corresponds to this sensation.

  • Finally the 3rd wheel, the largest, offers finding the need underlyind the emotion .

  • The last step consists of finding the best way to meet with this need.

The idea that we propose with this tool is learning to no longer suffer emotional responsiveness, but to learn little by to be aware of your sensations, your emotions and of your inherent needs so as to be able to respond in an appropriate and rational way. This tool allows an awareness, to discuss, to put into words, to say in another way, what is living inside of our body-heart-head, and to feel more balanced and serene !

This tool allows awarenss, to discuss, to put into words, to say in another way, what is living inside of our body-heart-head, and to feel more balanced and serene !

The way we work

  • Aside from our Wheel of emotions, we work in office, hosting trainings and coaching... We have chosen to respect our own work rythm, and so the delay of delivery is on average 15 work days, but this may vary in function with the country of delivery.

  • Please take note that orders are expedited uniquely on Wednesday, the deadline to place order to be shipped is Tuesday at 4PM.

  • All orders are processed and shipped from Belgium. For orders including an Adult Wheel, l will be sent as a package that you will receive and have to sign for. This package is expedited from Belgium (=> if you are from outside of Belgium, there is an international charge).

  • You may also contact our dealers to lower your shipping costs.

  • In accordance with sections VI.53.3 and 4 of the economic law code, and given the nature of the product, the buyer does not have the right to retract their order in 14 days.

  • Whatever your order, it is delivered by your postman against signature. If you are absent, a notice will be left and you will be asked to pick up your order at the post office.

  • We have received your Wheel of Emotions : what a beautiful tool ! Our children have gotten a hold of it and use it every day ! Thank you for this beautiful harmonious tool (cardboard FSC, vegetable ink,...)! and congratulation !

     Some parents 

Made in Belgium

Our Wheels are printed in Belgium (and not in China)

 Vegetales Ink

Printed on cardboard FSC using vegetable ink, and assembled by people with disabilities in a manner which reflects respect for their work.

Small structure

This ethical and ecological choice has a cost. We are a very smal structure and have financed our printing with our economies, without any aid what so ever.

Odoo- Echantillon n° 3 pour trois colonnes

Illustrated Version

This wheel is illustrated and measures 22 cm for easy use for children's small hands. It is also used with people who prefer to not be confronted by too much vocabulary, or by people who do not know how to read.                            

Odoo- Echantillon n° 3 pour trois colonnes

Adult Version

This tool is richer in emotional vocabulary and needs. It is not illustred.

Odoo- Echantillon n° 3 pour trois colonnes

Adult Pocket Version  

It is the same Wheel as the "Adult" version, but in a reduced format to carry everywhere with you in your bag. 5If you are naersighted, it's better to use your reading glasses ;-)

This Wheel measures 16 cm.