General Terms and Conditions of sales

  1. General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The updated terms and conditions of sale of L'Autrement Dit are always available to be viewed online, by the Customer clicking on the general terms and conditions of sale. The general terms and conditions of sale govern trade relations between L’Autrement Dit and its Customer (the « Customer »), who agrees to fully abide by them. All orders placed through the intermediary of the site, as well as all related benefits, are subject without reservation to the general terms and conditions of sale. These represent the full reciprocal commitments of L’Autrement Dit and the Customer, who specifically agrees to them. They will apply for their complete online duration on the site The Customer acknowledges reading and accepting the general terms and conditions of sale specified on the site before the order is placed by ticking the box « I have read and agreed to the General Conditions of Sale ». Except by express written authorization by L’Autrement Dit, the General Conditions of Sale will prevail on all other conditions.

2. Identité de L'Autrement Dit

L'Autrement Dit Scs,
91A chaussée de St-Hubert,
Phone :+32 498 474 124
VAT : BE0817370302

3. Produits

The products are displayed on the website in accordance with legal requirements and as accurately as possible. However, the photographs, videos, charts and drawings of the products are only illustrations;  a perfect representation of the products cannot be guaranteed, particularly where slight differences in colour and materials are concerned, depending on the specific hardware and software used. L’Autrement Dit cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of photographs on its website. L’Autrement Dit invites the Customer to refer to the description of each product for precisions. L’Autrement Dit expressly reserves the right to, at any time, add new products, to remove all or some of the products sold or displayed on the website, to change their display or cease marketing them on their website without the obligation to warn the Customer in advance.

4. Commandes

4.1 Management and setting up of an account

When a Customer places an order, the information followed by an asterisk is required, as it is necessary for the order to be processed. The Customer is expected to provide complete, correct and up-to-date information. Should the information be incomplete or incorrect, L’Autrement Dit reserves the right purely and simply to cancel the order and eventual payment. In case of a mistake in the Customer’s address, L’Autrement Dit is not responsible for eventual delivery problems of the order. The Customer may at any time change his account details. The Customer will receive his invoice by email after confirming the order and after L’Autrement Dit has recorded the transaction.

4.2 Placing and confirming an order

Any order for a product implies knowledge and express acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale, without however this acceptance being conditional on the Customer’s handwritten signature. Order-taking on the site is subject to strict compliance with the procedure described below and accomplished online through a succession of different pages, indicating the different steps the Customer must take to have his order confirmed by L’Autrement Dit. To make up a shopping basket, the Customer chooses the products and quantities he wishes to order and confirms by clicking on ‘Add’ or ‘Add to the basket’. On the screen marked My Basket, the Customer can at any time delete a product, change the quantities or return to the shop. Simply adding a product to the basket does not confirm the order as the product may become unavailable in the time between its addition to the basket and the confirmation of the order by the Customer. L'Autrement Dit undertakes to fulfil orders received while stocks last. To confirm the order and pay, the Customer must click on the confirm button. A summary of the order indicates the products chosen, the delivery cost and the total cost. By clicking on the order button, the Customer may confirm the delivery address. The final page allows online payment. After confirmation of the order by the credit card company, the Customer receives a confirmation of the order by email at the address given in the order.  L'Autrement Dit will inform the Customer of possible stock shortages which may affect the order. Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by L'Autrement Dit’s automatic recording procedures constitute proof of the nature, content and date of the order. L'Autrement Dit reserves the right to ask the Customer for proof of identity to confirm delivery. This check is not automatic. When it is carried out, the Customer is informed by email within 5 days (excepting Sundays and public holidays) of the confirmation of the order. L'Autrement Dit reserves the right to cancel a Customer’s order in the case of the Customer’s breach of contractual obligations in this order and/or the previous order. The information provided by the Customer when the order is placed is binding: in case of error in the delivery information, L'Autrement Dit may not be held responsible for failure to deliver.

5. Livraison

The delivery will be made by L'Autrement Dit carriers in the areas serviced by L'Autrement Dit. The delivery will be made within 15 days of the order when the products ordered are delivered to the addressee. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the package on arrival. In the event of damage, if he wishes to complain about the delivery, it is up to the Customer to give a clear and precise explanation on the delivery order of the person delivering his package, without prejudice to his right to make an appeal on the defectiveness of the product delivered. The Customer will then send an email to the following address: Should this procedure not be followed as indicated above, the order will be considered accepted and the products delivered. In the case of apparent damage, the Customer has the right to return goods as stated in Article 5. In the case of a technical product, the Customer will particularly check that the object delivered is functioning properly and read the instruction manual. If the Customer wishes delivery to be made to 2 places, he should place 2 orders with the connected delivery charges. Should the Customer be absent when the delivery is made, the carrier will leave a delivery notice in the letter box, asking the addressee to contact the transporter or to follow the procedure set out in the delivery notice.  

The Customer will have a link allowing him to follow his order and, if necessary, contact the transporter. If he has not made contact in 5 days, the order will be returned to L'Autrement Dit’s warehouse and deemed complete and valid without a refund to the Customer. The Customer may request that L'Autrement Dit make another delivery within 5 days without further charge. If the delivery is to a company, the names of the company and the person to contact must be given. 

In the event of force majeure, L'Autrement Dit has discharged its obligation to deliver. L'Autrement Dit will keep the Customer informed within a reasonable timeframe of any event of force majeure likely to disrupt delivery. However, if 8 days after the date of the requested delivery the Product has not been delivered for any reason other than force majeure, the sale may be cancelled at the Customer’s email request addressed to Delivery costs are given for the countries displayed in the drop-down menu and in the order process. For other countries contact us at the following email address: 

6. Withdrawal – Exchange – Refund

The consumer has 14 days from the effective delivery (the Withdrawal Period) to exercise the right of withdrawal without having to give a reason; only paying the return and delivery fees. If the Withdrawal Period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, this period is prolonged until the first working day. If the right of withdrawal is exercised, L'Autrement Dit is only liable to refund the amount of the order. The refund is payable by L'Autrement Dit within a maximum of 15 days after the order’s return to the L'Autrement Dit warehouse, by credit to the account which was debited for the order. L'Autrement Dit reserves the right to first suggest to the Customer a refund in the form of a credit voucher for a new order. In the event of a request for exchange or reimbursement, the Customer returns the new article, preferably in its original packaging, with all accessories, instruction manuals and documentation, the invoice, the Customer number and the order number to the following address:

L'Autrement Dit - Returns

Chaussée de St Hubert 91 A
6640 Morhet

Products returned incomplete, damaged, used or dirtied by the Customer, which were not mentioned on delivery, will not be taken back, exchanged or refunded. L'Autrement Dit does not accept parcels with postage due. All risks related to the product’s return are the responsibility of the Customer.

7. Prix

The price on each article’s tag is in euros; the delivery charge is not included; this is indicated on the basket’s method of delivery page. Prices may be changed at any time, without warning. The products are invoiced on the basis of the rates in force, at the time of the order. In the summary of the shopping basket and order confirmation, the total price is the final price, including all taxes and VAT. This price includes the articles’ price and the delivery fee (handling charges, packing, preservation and transport and delivery fees).  

8. Facturation et paiement

8.1. The price of the products is payable in full by either of the means of payment suggested on the website the day the order is placed (payment online or by bank transfer).

8.2. Protection against unauthorized use of payment instruments for online transactions, especially in case of hacking, as well as against eventual disputes related to order payments are insured by Paybox.

8.3. An order confirmed by the Customer only becomes effective when the secured bank payment centre and Paybox have approved the transaction. If either the secured bank payment centre or Paybox refuses, then the order is automatically cancelled and the Customer informed by email. 

8.4. Information concerning the order is subject to automated data processing for which Paybox is responsible. Automated data processing is aimed at fighting bank card fraud. Paybox and L'Autrement Dit are the recipients of the data relating to your order. A defect in the transmission of personal data with the order will prevent the execution and analysis of the transaction. In the event of fraudulent use of a credit card, an incorrect declaration or an error, the address and order associated with the outstanding payment may be recorded in a payment incident file.

8.5. An invoice is written for each delivery and sent to the Customer by email. Any claim concerning the invoices must be brought to the attention of L'Autrement Dit by email to within 10 days of reception. Failing this, they are considered to be unreservedly accepted. The Customer is invoiced with the price on the order confirmation sent by email by L'Autrement Dit.

8.6. In the case of a bank transfer from outside the European Union, all bank charges are paid by the Customer.  

9. Intellectual Property 

L’Autrement Dit remains the sole and single holder of the intellectual property rights relating to the Product as well as the service(s) provided. The Customer does not acquire, through the purchase of Products or provision of Services, any intellectual property rights whatsoever over Products bought and/or Services provided. « L’AUTREMENT DIT » is a Benelux trademark, the exclusive property of L’AUTREMENT DIT. Nothing in the current general terms and conditions of sale can be interpreted as operating any transfer of intellectual property rights to the Customer’s benefit. The Customer may not carry out any act which might, directly or indirectly, infringe the intellectual property rights of L’AUTREMENT DIT.

10. Limited liability of L'Autrement Dit

While the greatest care and precision have been exercised in providing online information, the description of products for sale, the available data free on this website and their regular updates, L'Autrement Dit may in no way be held responsible for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the description of the products. Nor may L'Autrement Dit be held responsible for typographical errors on its website, nor a visual of a product which is not up-to-date. Likewise, the photographs and graphics supporting the text are only intended as a guide and do not fall within the scope of the contract. They do not commit L'Autrement Dit, which may not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or errors. More broadly, L'Autrement Dit may not be held responsible for: interruptions or delays on its website due to maintenance work, technical breakdowns or, in the case of force majeure, third parties, or under any circumstances whatsoever beyond its control, where it may be briefly impossible to access its site due to events beyond its control such as disruptions to the Internet network or a fault in the Customer’s Internet connection.

Tout en apportant le plus grand soin à la mise en ligne des informations et des données disponibles gratuitement sur son site et à leur mise à jour, L'Autrement Dit ne saurait être tenue responsable des inexactitudes, erreurs ou omissions qui se seraient éventuellement glissées dans le descriptif des produits. Par ailleurs, L'Autrement Dit ne pourra pas être tenue responsable des erreurs typographiques figurant dans son site ou encore d’un visuel du produit qui ne serait pas à jour. De même, les photographies et graphismes qui illustrent, à l'appui du texte, les produits, ne sont qu'indicatifs et n'entrent pas dans le champ contractuel. Ils n'engagent donc nullement L'Autrement Dit qui ne pourra pas être tenue pour responsable des inexactitudes ou des erreurs qui y seraient éventuellement glissées. Plus généralement, L'Autrement Dit ne pourra pas être tenue responsable : - des interruptions ou retards enregistrés sur son site en raison de l'exécution de travaux de maintenance, de pannes techniques, d'un cas de force majeure, du fait de tiers ou de toutes circonstances quelles qu'elles soient, indépendamment de sa volonté ; - de l'impossibilité d'accéder momentanément à son site, due à des faits indépendants de sa volonté, tels que les cas d'interruptions du réseau Internet ou de défaillance du matériel de connection du Client au réseau Internet.

11. Garantie légale

Pour tout problème technique ou demande d'information, écrivez à l’adresse suivante :  Dans le cadre du retour d’un article sous garantie, celui-ci devra être retourné de préférence dans son emballage d'origine, accompagné de tous les accessoires éventuels, notices d'emploi et documentations, et du mail d’accord de retour du service Client de L'autrement Dit. Tout retour incomplet ou dont l’emballage est détérioré sera refusé et non remboursé au Client

12. Règlement des litiges

12.1 This contract is subject to Belgian law. In the event of a problem relating to the application of the general terms and conditions of sale and before any legal action is taken, the Customer may seek an amicable solution and call upon assistance from an industry trade association, a consumer association or any other adviser of his choice. Generally speaking and subject to Court assessment, the legal provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale relative to the contractual warranty presume: that the Customer will honour his financial commitments towards L'Autrement Dit – that the Customer will use the product normally. Claims or disputes will always be received with respect, and good faith will always be presumed on the part of anyone who takes the trouble to explain his situation.

12.2. The platform ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) exists for the consumer and business to resolve both national and trans-border disputes rapidly and efficiently

ODR operates as an arbitrator to propose a solution. The platform is both friendly and multilingual.

There are 4 stages in the procedure:

1) The consumer completes and sends in a complaints form.
2) The complaint is forwarded to the company concerned, which suggests the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) to the consumer.
3) As soon as the consumer and the company agree that the complaint will be dealt with by the ADR, the ODR automatically forwards the file to the ADR.
 4) The ADR finalises the file online and undertakes to find a solution within 90 days.

In the event of a dispute between the parties, it is expressly agreed that jurisdiction will be granted to the Court at Arlon.

13. Informations légales

L'Autrement Dit
Chaussée de St Hubert 91 A
6640 Morhet


Directeur de la publication et responsable du traitement des RGPD :  Anne-Sophie Thiry 

Contractual information is submitted in French. Dependent minors may not legally enter into a contract and may therefore not place an order on the Internet website All elements of the website (text, photographs, illustrations, brands, logo, icons) are the exclusive property of L'Autrement Dit and/or its suppliers, and are protected by Belgian law and international copyright and trademark laws. Any copy or representation, full or partial, of the website, using any process whatsoever, undertaken without the prior written express permission of L'Autrement Dit, is prohibited and illegal. Any breach of this rule shall constitute an infringement and may carry civil and criminal penalties. Any use of elements of the website for public, commercial or humoristic purposes, will result in legal action in Belgium or abroad. 

14. Déclaration relative à la Protection des Données (RGPD)

La présente déclaration relative à la protection des données s'applique à la collecte, au traitement et à l'utilisation de vos données personnelles ("traitement de données") lorsque vous utilisez nos pages web et notre boutique en ligne (achat d'un outil ou inscription à une formation).

Vous pouvez adresser vos questions ou remarques relative à la protection de vos données en nous contactant à l'adresse suivante:

L'Autrement Dit, 91A CHaussée de St-Hubert, 6640 MORHET - Belgique

Ou à l'adresse mail suivante:

Nous souhaitons que votre visite sur notre site soit agréable et que vous n'ayez pas à vous soucier de la confidentialité de vos données. C'est pourquoi nous nous engageons à accorder toute notre attention à la transparence dans la gestion de vos données.

14.1. Dans le cadre de la vente à distance, et pour le traitement et l'acheminement des commandes, l'établissement des factures et des contrats de garantie, le Client doit nécessairement renseigner des informations à caractère personnel. L'adresse du Client est nécessaire pour pouvoir lui livrer sa commande. Pour pouvoir expédier votre commande, nous transmettons votre adresse postale, votre adresse mail et votre n° de téléphone à BPOST qui pourra vous avertir de la progression de votre colis et livrer votre commande. Si vous souhaitez les contacter au sujet de ces données, vous pouvez le faire en contactant le département de bpost chargé de la protection des données : bpost, Data Protection Office, BP 5000, 1000 Bruxelles.

Les coordonnées téléphoniques du Client permettent aux livreurs et au service Clients de L'Autrement Dit de contacter le Client pour le suivi de sa commande. L'adresse de courrier électronique du Client permet à L'Autrement Dit de communiquer facilement avec le Client. Pour assurer la sécurité des transactions bancaires, les informations bancaires du Client (numéro de carte bancaire, date de validité) sont cryptées par le système SSL. L’absence de ces informations entraîne la non-validation de la commande. Le Client est informé du fait que, lors de ses visites sur le site, un cookie peut s'installer automatiquement sur son logiciel de navigation. Ce cookie ne permet pas d'identifier l'utilisateur mais sert à enregistrer des informations relatives à la navigation de celui-ci sur le site. L'utilisation de ces cookies a notamment pour but de personnaliser la présentation du site pour chaque visiteur. Le Client peut décider de s’opposer à l'enregistrement de ces "cookies" en configurant son navigateur.

Dans le cadre d'une inscription à un atelier sur le thème de la parentalité, il peut être demandé au Client de nous informer sur l'âge de ses enfants. Cette information nous permet d'offrir la formation la plus adaptée aux besoins des participants.

14.2. L'Autrement Dit complies with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 regarding the protection of privacy in handling personal information, as amended by the law of 11 December 1998 implementing the European directive of 24 October 1995. This law provides that a company collecting personal data must have the consent of the person concerned, and that data must be gathered accurately and should be collected for a precise, clear and legitimate purpose. Everyone must have access to this personal information and the right to amend it. According to the law, processing of Customers’ personal information must be declared to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. The Customer has the right to access, amend, correct and delete personal data relating to him with L'Autrement Di

14.3. L'Autrement Dit s'engage à respecter scrupuleusement les dispositions en vigueur en matière de protection des données. Nous ne vendrons ni ne louerons jamais les données personnelles que vous nous confiez à des tiers.

14.4. Le client a la possibilité de consulter et également modifier ses informations à tout moment via la page "Mon compte". Il a également le droit de demander la correction, le blocage ou la suppression de ces données. Pour ce faire, il peut utiliser l'adresse mail suivante:, ou envoyer un courrier écrit à L'Autrement Dit (91A Chaussée de St-Hubert, 6640 Morhet - Belgique). Cette demande sera traitée dans un délai de maximum 30 jours (sauf cas de force majeure).

14.5. La personne responsable du traitement des données personnelles pour L'Autrement Dit est Anne-Sophie Thiry

15. Non renonciation

The fact that L'Autrement Dit refrains at any given time from demanding any of the provisions of the present general terms and conditions of sale may not be interpreted as a waiver of its right to subsequently cite this total or partial non-performance

16. Validity of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

If any one of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale of L'Autrement Dit is declared invalid in whole or in part, the other provisions, rights and obligations arising from these General Terms and Conditions of Sale  remain unchanged and continue to be applicable.